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Justin Brennan

Founder | CEO

Justin blends 10+ years of experience in luxury San Diego real estate, multifamily investing, construction, land planning and syndication. Justin is a licensed general contractor, licensed real estate broker  and owns a property management company. As a graduate of Pepperdine University school of Business and The University of San Diego's joint MBA & Masters in Real Estate Development, Justin brings his diverse  background and experience to The Brennan Pohle Group. Justin is a data and business operations guy. With a focus in logistics, data and finance, Justin helps lead The Brennan Pohle Group's day to day operations and strategic direction. From its first $100,000 condo investment in the 2008 financial crisis, to millions in AUM today, The Brennan Pohle Group has lofty goals of more than 10,000 units in its future vision.


“I Learned from my father and 91 yr old grandmother about multifamily construction, land planning, syndication and fund management. The value of hard work, cash flow and slow approach to wealth building ensures steady success in good times and bad. I’ve always sought to be courageous, have fun and laugh.” - Justin

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Christopher Pohle

Founder | Chairman Of The Board

Founder of The Brennan Pohle Group, Christopher comes from the tech and military informations field. Graduate of Wentworth Military Academy and The University of San Diego MBA, Christopher blends his tech background and capital raising skillsets, to help The Brennan Pohle Group facilitate growth and investor relations. Christopher has been CTO for a $60M tech company and continues his leadership roles with Capture2Proposal, Tactical Edge and The Brennan Pohle Group. As a US Marine veteran and CEO in information systems technology, Christopher leverages his silicon valley relationships, Military government connections, with that of high net worth individuals and family offices to help guide and grow The Brennan Pohle Groups capital efforts. Christopher's high level connections and institutional business mindset are invaluable for the company's growth forward. 

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