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The Brennan Pohle Group is a San Diego CA & Austin TX based private real estate firm focused on offering investment partners, accredited, family funds, and institutional firms access to multifamily real-estate opportunities with 15%+ projected annual returns*. With over 11 years of corporate experience in land acquisition, multi-unit development, and value-add apartment rehabilitation & management, The Brennan Pohle Group actively manages end-to-end operations of $10M+ assets at any given time. Through this end-to-end asset management approach, The Brennan Pohle Group, has met or exceeded investor expected returns since inception. 


As sponsor, we invest alongside our investment partners, we sign on the loans, manage the assets, invest our own money and time. When you invest with us you become a partner, not just an investor. We provide investors with annual risk adjusted projected returns exceeding 15%.* We look forward to the opportunity to get to know you and your family. Sign up FREE to get first look access to our deals.

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*Returns are not guaranteed. All investments are unique. See deal center, PPM prospectus and deal terms for more info.

How It Works?


We Find Multifamily

You Partner With Us

We Collect Rents


You Collect Mailbox Money

Location, Location

We have specifically located ourselves in two of the largest BRAC alignment areas in the USA... San Diego CA and Austin TX. If you are not familiar with BRAC alignment, let's schedule a call to discuss

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Example Investment Structure

Our investment partners become Class A equity shareholders (limited partners) with access to cashflow, profits, tax benefits and more.  let's schedule a call to discuss.

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Unique Strategy

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Why People Invest With Us

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Get Access To Our Current Deals

Sign up to get first look at our deals emailed directly to you. 

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