What's Makes Us Unique?

Let's be honest, there are many investors and multifamily syndicators across the USA and most claim they have an amazing, unique approach to finding, underwriting and managing their assets better than others. It's true,  certain managers are better than others. It's also true you need to be very careful who you trust your money with. You are investing in the people more than the opportunity.


As sponsor, we invest alongside our partners, we sign on the loans, manage the assets, invest our own time, take risk with our own skin in the game. You are an "investment partner" not an "investor." We look forward to the opportunity to get to know you and your family.

What Makes Us.... Us!

How We Select Markets
We are methodical.
- BRAC realignment
- Housing Affordability & Supply Opportunities.
- Employment Opportunities.
- College Or University Cities/Towns.
- Population/Job Growth.
- Redevelopment.
How We Select Properties
-Class B/C Properties. "BAMCO" Method.
-Secondary Markets/Neighborhoods
-Deferred Maintenance
-Inefficient Management & Operations
-Rents Below Market
-College Or University Nearby
-Acquire At Below Replacement Cost
3. How We Underwrite
For multifamily properties we utilize our BAMCO method.

For mobile home parks, we utilize our ROLLS method.

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We will give you more details.
4. Simplicity
We make investing easy, removing complicated jargon and concepts offering an easy to understand approach to investing.
5. Vertically Integrated
Most companies have to outsource many of the trades and skill sets. At The Brennan Pohle Group, we have in-house construction, asset management, property management and fund management and more. This gives us economies of scale and effeciencies.
6. Logistics & Operations
We have made investing easy. Investors have 24/7 access to their investment online, taxes, K1, distributions and more. We also set up construction, property management and fund management operations for each region we go into. This ensures seamless investing into new markets.
7. Alignment Of Interests
We invest into every deal alongside our investment partners. We sign on the loans, put "skin in the game" and don't gouge investors with over the top fees.
8. Partner vs Investor
If you invest with us, you enjoy the benefits of being a partner, which means you take a fixed ownership position and tax benefits that cannot be diluted. Its equity, not a loan.
9. Mission
Not enough can be said about integrity and track record. At The Brennan Pohle Group, we want to build a company that helps investors become financially free through risk adjusted returns while striving to put people first, do the right thing, be courageous, have fun and laugh.
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Partner vs Investor Approach

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